Enabling Next Level growth with New Business Expansion
The Case
A Large corporate in education sector was looking at next level growth using VSAT model for training delivery. Infrastructure utilization and business expansion plans propelled the company to look at new areas of education. However the company was not sure whether new areas would fit into their technology dependent delivery platform
The Action Plans
We approached the problem with
  • Market mapping to identify and validate opportunity for them in chosen area of recruitment test preparation market.
  • Develop a market entry strategy to enter the market utilizing the technology as a strength compared to competitors.
  • Planned a host of value added services around technology to create a valuable offering for the market
  • Assisted in putting together a team to lead the project and handholding the project till its successful launch
The Result
With our assistance, the client forayed into 3 new areas of training and explored many more using the fitment model we created
Inside the Box Innovation towards Next Level Growth
The Case
Increased market competition and low operating margins along with a owner run structure was limiting growth of a market leader in its existing technical education domain. We demonstrated a need to look at new growth areas along with corporate restructuring to create a long term advantage.
The Action Plans
We started the project with following approach to
  • Maximize revenue opportunities from the existing operations by process improvements which are not owner dependent but system driven
  • Create a visible brand distinction by revamping the marketing approach and media buying
  • Identify related areas where new products could be introduced and enabling time bound launches
  • Creating systems to decentralize decision making at center level and corporate level so that owner’s involvement is reduced.
The Result
  • Systems driven work culture which was later channelized into creative thinking for the business
  • Significant increase in sales conversions.
  • Significant increase in sales conversions.
Focus as Key to Next Level Growth
The Case
A telecom distribution company which had never made profit in last 7 years since its inception was looking at avenues to break the jinx and enter a growth phase.
The Action Plan
Upon analysis we defined 3 simple strategic choices for the company.
  • Define accountabilities, goals and review system
  • Identify New areas for growth
  • Identify strategies to build relations in distribution
The Result
We enabled these 3 choices to the company in a time span of 6 months and delivered following results.
  • Sales increased by 35 %
  • Collections defaults decreased to 3% from 37%
  • Above 60 day collection dues were brought down to nil
  • Establish a relevant review system
With these changes, the company became more confident and prepared for next level growth with first ever profit realization in last 7 years
Empowering People towards Next Level Growth
The Case
An Optical and hearing aids retail chain was struggling with managing its stores efficiently and was not able to explore expansion opportunities/ growth avenues. The owners were stuck with day to day operations and low accountabilities in staff
The Action Plan
We analysed the business and found that the business needs a middle management structure to stabilize operations and growth. We implemented ‘Achievemore’ program with acute focus on
  • Building a middle management team which is accountable
  • Incentive system design to motivate staff and team
  • Creating a robust audit system to review business more systematically
  • Clarity on business expansion with growth plan within the company
The Result
  • The owner ‘s involvement into the day to day operation reduced significantly
  • Increase in confidence to open new stores.
  • A motivated team to ensure results
Propelling Growth with Right Priorities
The Case
A designer tiles company was struggling for market share and growth in a recession led market dominated by price wars, importers and deep pocket players. The company had enjoyed a high brand credibility but the turmoil in market dynamics was pushing it towards higher risk models.
The Action Plan
We restructured the business into separate SBUs to ensure focus and clarity in business operations. In addition to it a massive intervention program was designed to reform the year old strategies into lean and responsive game plans. Using the modules of ‘Achievemore’ Program we started pushing sales and internal business structuring at the same time creating changes in policies, organization structuring and leadership.
The Result
  • The sales grew by 70% within a span of 8 months
  • Business became more competitive and trade confidence increased in the brand
  • Role clarity and reviews in team motivated the staff to participate more productively than ever
‘Make Sense Systems’ as a key to Growth
The Case
A 25 year old bakery brand with very high brand equity amongst its old clientele was looking at next level growth beyond owner’s involvement. They had a keen desire to grow but were apprehensive about going aggressive and making mistakes. The owners were completely involved and were not able to take out time for neither business growth nor personal liberty.
The Action Plan
We started developing systems for all critical functions within the business so that dependencies on owners reduce and a standardized and scalable model is created for replication in growth phase. At the same time, our consultants worked as owner’s mentor to guide and motivate them towards scaling up their business, reviewing the business operations more systematically and important aspects of branding.
The Result
  • A more systematic method of doing business which has very little dependency on owners
  • A new store planning under process and shall be completed soon