Why do I need a management consultant to help me in next level growth?
A management consultant brings an outsider’s perspective into the business which is unbiased and more critical. Planning for next level growth cannot be done in isolation as it needs to take present capability and future clarity into account while planning. A management consultant can help you identifying right priorities and assist you in identifying, accepting and addressing issues more analytically.
No one can understand my business better than me so how a consultant who does not understand my business can help me in growth?
It is true that no one can understand your business better than you and that is why we never promise ‘your domain expertise’ in your business. Our program only addresses the fundamentals of business which are common across any domain. Every business has sales, delivery, employees and customers and we simply work around ensuring fundamentals are right around them.
I don’t have a very skilled middle management; can this program still work for me?
We although require people engaged in this program to appreciate management perspectives but MBAs and Engineering degrees at your end is not really required for this program to be successful. A progressive mindset is however must to ensure success.
How frequently do we meet and for how much time?
Usually once a week is sufficient for meeting and interacting on developments. In addition to it our team members devote ample time at backend to ensure progress and results.
Can you help me in getting more business and clients?
Our program addresses the sales system specifically where we analyse and restructure sales function to operate more systematically but we do not do any business development work for our client.
What is my role in this program?
We expect you to be the anchor in the program. Every suggestion, every change is implemented through you under your leadership. We expect you to ensure our advise is accepted and implemented by your team.
Who all are involved from client side into the implementation of the program?
CEO and top management is usually involved however we at times also involve middle management in our review sessions.
How much time do I need to devote in this program?
3-4 hours a week is sufficient to bring success in this program
How much time should I expect for this program to give result?
Minimum six months to one year is required to bring substantial change into the business
Do you help in raising funds?
No, we do not undertake any fund raising activity at any level.
Do I need to hire industry professionals before I start this program
No, you don’t need to do any additional hiring for this program
Will this program increase my operational costs
No, it operates within the existing constraints of your business and ensures that no major expenses are incurred initially.
Do I get to discuss my business problems with the consultants
Yes, our consultants also play a role of mentor into your business and its complimentary for all our clients
How do I know if my business is moving towards next level growth
We work with a monthly plan submitted at the beginning of every month. At the end of the month, we review the developments with the client to decide next month action plan thus keeping you updated about the program success.
What is your scope of intervention or work
The scope of our expertise under ‘Achievemore’ program is limited to CEO expertise. Based on needs of building client organisation, client may need to engage other functional experts (HR, Finance, accounts, legal, IT etc.) to support the client team on a case to case basis
If I feel that the program is not helping my business, how can I close it
It happens very rarely but you can pause the program at one month notice